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Amsterdam, first impression

I am not going to lie, I don't know Amsterdam at all but I can tell you where to buy an absolutely lovely flat white in a nice cafe just next to the canal, I can tell you that the city is to fall in love with from the first sight. Bikes are everywhere and I admire people riding on them so fast and with such a grace that you can just seat and watch. Cafes and restaurants are so vibrant and full of people and such a positive energy. It's so green everywhere, the canals and beautiful architecture ♡ all of this makes us want to go back to this beautiful place as soon as possible, best in autumn to see Amsterdam with the colorfull trees ;) Everything what I just said is only my first impression because we visited Amsterdam on our way back home from the holidays and we spent only three hours there. Amsterdam is so beautiful that you can literally take a picture every step you take :) Anyway, let the photos talk. Nie będę udawać, że znam Amsterdam, ale mogę wam powiedzieć gdzi

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