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Worm's Head, Rhossili Bay

The land of fearless sheeps and beautiful cliffs.
We visited Worm's Head back in January for the first time and we would love to go back to discover more. We didn't get to the Devil's Bridge at Worm's Head as we got there at high tide time. The rocky causeway leading out to the Worm's Head is only exposed for two and a half hours before and after low tide, so if you want to explore it you should always carefully check the tide times before they set off over the causeway. The safe times are displayed on the board. If you won't be careful you could be trapped on Worm's Head for half the day, waiting for low tide again.
I would love to come back to Rhossili Bay during the dusk or sunrise, just sit on the grass an absorb beauty of this place...
The high tide didn't let us to see the shipwreck of Helvetia too, so as you can see there is at least a few reasons to go back ;) The story of this Norvegian ship is actually quite facinating, you can read it here

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